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Wild Card originated when Dan had repaired Peter’s bike, so many times, after so many years of abuse and crashes. Dan just couldn’t bear to witness such an enthusiastic mess, so he suggested to Peter, “Hey man, why don’t we buy a shop together, and I can help you stay on your bike”. Peter replied “NO! Let’s start our own.”

After a few episodes of “Always Sunny in Philadelphia”, a few pints, and a deck of cards, the name Wild Card Cycle Works was born, and the store to bear its name followed.


Wild Card Cycle Works (W.C.C.W.) was based around a simple idea: “let Dan fix it”.

If there is a better, more knowledgeable, friendlier bike mechanic in all of the Midwest, we want to meet him.

Dan was destined to own his own shop when he first competed in mountain bike races at the age of 14. After having to wrench his own ride as a child, he wore the chain grease like a badge of honor and now it is more like a tattoo-- it is in his soul.

After traveling around the Midwest and tuning bikes for some of the premier cycle enthusiasts around Ohio and Michigan, Dan met his amazing wife and eventually made his way to the great body of water and the town at the base of Grand Traverse Bay. What Dan learned from both good and bad shops is the value of the customer. Dan is a very humble dude and always has a smile and sound advice. Whether it is your current ride or your next purchase, Dan will keep you riding straight.


W.C.C.W. hopes to take your riding experience from good to great. We work with your current riding knowledge and want to elevate your experience to get you out on the trail and keep you there…miles, upon miles, upon miles.  


We look forward to meeting you and building a lasting friendship.

Wild Card Cycle Works. Go outside!




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