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We have the greatest customers

It feels good to keep people riding and happy with our service.

Here is a recent email chain from a friend of the shop, and Dan's work.


dear dogs, i'm sorry my first trip to your shop i was in such bad shape from pain meds a new Dr. had given me. i'll say i was totally out of it, and to you guys i probably looked very drunk, or just high on something. i was doing good to drive home to central lake. but your friendly pack of dogs were very friendly and the info . about disc brakes was helpful. this new cannondale bike with disc brakes is totally new to me. my first bike with such brakes. so i'll be back to the dog pound. for both advise and work !


Hey Roger! We're glad to hear you made it back safely to Central Lake. It was nice chatting with you on Monday - you're welcome here any time. Feel free to call us to schedule a service appointment if/when you need for your Cannondale and we can make sure that you don't have to make multiple unnecessary trips into Traverse. Thanks for reaching out and take it easy, -The Dogs (Dan and Steph)


Dan, I went to the wheel site again. I’ve tried to make a list of items I’m interested in on a wheel set. Bear with me if I missed anything. Yes to chukker and clusdale wheels using14 / 15 black spokes with red nipples 14mm , sealed bearings for disc brakes made by Shimano. The rims using deep v as we talked about couple days ago. If I forgot anything please advise and I’ll stop in probably nest week when I go after the new computer for my wife Thanks for putting up with me Moose Roger. Thanks dogs for all of your help. By the way I gave you a wrong pricing I think they’re more like $700.00 plus


Roger, I have some incredible news. Your wheels are shipping today from Grand Rapids! They had all your parts in stock and got them done! They will be here Monday or Tuesday.


Hi Dan , Amazon has disc brake rotors. I can order and have shipped to you. I need to know the brand and model number if you want me to do that. Rog

Dan I ordered the Sram ones already. If you want to find the TRP ones, that's cool. Here is the info: TRP 29 Disc Brake Rotor - 160mm, 6-Bolt, Silver Manufacturer Part Number: ABRT000024 UPC: 4717592021592

SUBJECT new wheels

MESSAGE HI Dan, I thought i'd let you know hw my first ride went on the new wheels. GREAT ! I had a very strong ride today, for the first time i got on my trainer before the friend i rode with showed up. we have a small hill that always has been a hassle to climb when my legs are cold. not today--i went up it without problem, so i guess that tells me i need to get on the trainer before a ride. also when we both were on top a hill, i didn't pedals and coasted down part of it. just coasting with the new wheels i dropped my friend. I also dropped him several times and waited for him to catch up , on our 20 mile ride today. so i'm very happy with the wheels, they look great and performed even better. just thought you should know. Roger

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